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Our Fees

Find out how much we charge for our respective treatments

  Price from
New Patient Consultation £30.00
Child (<18years) £15.00
Routine dental assessment £22.50
Clinical X-rays (small) Per film £5.00
Emergency appointment £30.00
Hygiene treatment (including stain removal) £30.00
Extended hygiene (2 visits) £60.00


Composites (tooth coloured fillings) Prices from
Small £45.00
Medium £55.00
Large £65.00

Amalgam (metal fillings) Prices from
Small £30.00
Medium £40.00
Large £50.00


Root Canal Fillings

Single Root £90.00

double root £150.00

Triple root   £230.00




£280.00 per unit



Simple  £60.00

Normal  £80.00

Sugical  £120.00


Dentures Prices from
Acrylic denture   £350.00

Full upper/ lower acrylic

Both full/Full acrylic



Chrome Denture £650.00


Tooth Whitening £300.00
At home whitening 
Includes: initial consultation, impressions, provision of upper and lower whitening appliances and gels.



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